The Mission

Danny Garcia has walked for children and world peace on five continents for more than 18 years. When he took his first steps in 1996 toward a personal commitment to peace, he could scarcely fathom that he would continue walking globally more than 25,000 miles, more than the circumference of the earth. His life long pursuit of peace began as a child and continues today

July 23, 2014

Danny completed his walk on the 22nd for Sgt Tahmooressi and his walk on the 23rd in the US Capitol in D.C.
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July 10, 2014

Danny returned safely from his walk across the border for Sgt Tahmooressi


  • Introduction:

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  • Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi

    Danny will continue to walk and pray for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi's release.

    Man's 100 mile journey to
    free jailed former Marine
    Letter from Jill Tahmooressi
  • Benny Cerbas

    Benny was in need of a operation to correct a congenital heart ailment. Danny's walk from Iloilo City to Passi and Estancia raised the funds necessary.

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  • A visit with the pope:

    Letter from the Vatican Photo of Danny and
    Pope John Paul II
  • A letter from President Bill Clinton

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  • A letter from President Ronald Reagan

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  • A letter from President Jimmy Carter

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  • A letter from King Hussein

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  • A letter from the Prince of Whales

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  • Chaplain Barry Black

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  • Michael Jackson

    Danny provided M.J.'s attorneys with a 14x48ft mural of "The Child" that Mario Torero painted with the support of Gannett Outdoor Advertising. This particular mural was part of Pope John Paul II's visit to L.A. and was placed at the border of Tia Juana and the entrance of the Holland Tunnel.

    Though this mural continued to travel throughout the world once it was returned, a smaller replica of The Child was provided to M.J.

    The day that M.J. died Danny walked from 125th St. in Harlem to Ground Zero.

  • Queen Noor

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  • Nelson Mandela

    Danny stopped in Cambria and presented president Nelson Mandela with a Jubilennium candle in conjunction with the UN celebration during his walk from Perth to Sydney, Australia, for the Olympics.

  • Muhammad Ali

    Danny presented Muhammad Ali with a large portrait at the Long Beach Convention Center. The painting titled, "The Arrangement", by Gabriel Acevedo pictured an Indian man dressed in his native clothing.

  • Mother Teresa

    Danny provided a reproduction of the painting "The Child" by Mario Torero to the Our Lady of Angels Catholic School in San Diego. The painting was presented to Mother Teresa as a gift.

  • Stevie Wonder

    Danny presented a reproduction of the painting, "The Child", by Mario Torero, to Stevie Wonder with his brother at his side in his dressing room at the San Diego sports arena Dec 8th, 1980, the day that John Lennon was killed.

  • General Charles Krulak

    General Krulak served as Danny's commanding officer during his time in the Marine Corps.

    Meritorious Mast Letter from General Krulak